Do you wish you were happier and less stressed?
Does your family think you are no fun to be around anymore?
Do you wish you could work because you want to, not because you have to?
Do you feel trapped in a routine that leaves you exhausted and uninspired?
Then Inner Legacy is for you.

Inner Legacy Inner Legacy is a two-day seminar designed for busy professionals like you. It will help you discover how reducing stress and exploring personal freedom can increase of happiness and fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Stress causes depression, marital strain, weight gain, health problems, and more.

  • Life changing course that will stimulate you to find your happiness and the truth that will set you on a course of being free and grounded. Clear, concise, right to the point, very down to earth. Great job, I will be sending my staff to this awesome experience! Dr. Rick Simcock
  • Our experience with has helped us understand and accept ourselves and others on a whole new level. We have learned to appreciate every challenge. Say yes to the mess! Turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Love life and live abundantly each and every day! We would strongly recommend this program to anyone searching to better their life. Shawna and Gregg Prummer, Owners, Winter Ridge Natural Foods
  • The meeting far exceeded my expectations. I am excited to implement the tools I have learned. Dr. Joong Hahn
  • I have a new, refreshed, positive outlook on life that holds endless possibilities for my future. Kacey Baxter

At Inner Legacy You Will Learn:

Fast track stress reduction techniques, inner peace exploration, and how to be happier in all aspects of your life.

Ways to have more free time to enjoy yourself, time to spend with your family, and time give back to your community.

Techniques that will help you to get to know yourself more fully and worry less about others’ needs.

To create a roadmap to peace, happiness, joy and personal freedom.

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